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Programming Languages:-
Ada C/C++ CORBA Fortran Matlab LISP Perl PostScript Python Prolog Tcl/Tk Regular Expressions XML Core Java I Core Java II J2EE Functional Haskell ML Scheme Reference

Unix and Linux:-
UNIX Linux Shell Programming Lex & Yacc Sed Awk Make Vi GTK X11

Web and Internet:-
CSS CGI JavaScript HTML Perl PHP Web Designing AJAX

Graphics and Animations:-
Computer Graphics OpenGL Photoshop VRML Game Development

Computer Science:-
Algorithm and Data Structure Quantum Computing Software Engineering Security Miscellaneous Computer Graphics Programming Computer Science Cryptography Computer Vision

Wavelets FFT Verilog VHDL Digital Signal Processing

Medical Science:-
Medical Science :: I Medical Science :: II Medical Science :: III Medical Science :: IV Medical Science :: V Medical Science :: VI Medical Science :: VII Medical Science :: VIII Medical Science :: IX

SQL Oracle Database :: General Database :: Reference
TCP/IP Networking :: General

Mathematics :: Algebra NT & Server Technologies Miscellaneous References

Interview Questions:-
Questions On C - I Questions On C - II Questions On C - III Questions On C++ - I Questions On C++ - II Questions On C++ - III C++ and OOP Concept C/C++ Puzzles C, C++, Perl and Unix Questions On Java - I Questions On Java - II Questions On Java - III Questions On VB - I Questions On Database - I Questions On Data Structure - I Question Banks Frequently Asked Questions Facing a JOB Interview Commonly Asked Interview Questions - I The 25 Most Difficult Questions you will be asked on a job interview 50 Common Interview Questions Your Job Interview is a beauty Contest Aptitude Test Questions - I Logic Questions - I Puzzles to Puzzle you 8 Commandments for job-seekers Digital Electronics - I VLSI Design Miscellaneous ECE Question Paper Link Miscellaneous ECE Links - II Some Tough ECE Questions Questions On Microprocessor - I TI and Intel Question Paper - I Intel Question Paper - I Computer Architecture - I Computer Architecture - II Networking - I Networking - II Questions On Operating Systems - I Tougher Programming Questions Data Structures & Algorithms - I Microsoft :: Placement Paper - I IT Companies TCS :: Sample Question Paper - I TCS :: Pshycometric Test - I ECE TI and Intel Question Paper - I Intel Question Paper - I CSE Microsoft :: Placement Paper - I

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    you have a really nice list of ebooks. can you suggest me ebooks on c compiler construction?
  2. Blogger Subash said:  

    Just mail me at subash.nayak[at]
  3. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    YOu have done a gr8t job by collecting these e book links. Its an exemplary step towords sharing knowledge & helping others. I wish you all the best for your future goals & ambitions. God Bless You
  4. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    I found that your collection of books is great!!
    can u tell me where i can find free complete books on Verilog?

    Carry on ur good job.god bless!
  5. Blogger Subash said:  

    See the verilog page ... Or just mail me at subash.nayak [at] for more help
  6. Blogger KD said:  

    A Decent Job Well DOne
  7. Blogger SUNIL said:  

    Keep up the good work dear friend
  8. Blogger ashok's Tech World said:  

    i tries your css links but can you tell me where i can get .pdf files on css.

    thanks in advance

    lotus educare pvt. ltd.
  9. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hi subhash

    u r doing a very good job! Keep it up and God bless!! Best of luck for ur future.
  10. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    nice work !!

    buddy could u get me this one :

    "Guide to Oracle9i" thompson press

    by Morrison

    i dearly need this book
    any other ebook on oracle forms6i to 9i will be welcome.
  11. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Your tech blog is really a big help. Any ebook on wireless technology, j2me, mobile phone applications?
  12. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Great work.....keep smiling...God bless u
  13. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    nice collection.....

    really a nice and helping one...
  14. Blogger Karthikeyan said:  

    Hey subhash,
    Neat work! I appreciate your effort.
  15. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hello mr.nayak gr8 job done man.....really very nice collection ....infact awesome...
  16. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    First of all,I must congratulate you for your effort.

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  17. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Could you post some nice ebook links for computer architecture ?
  18. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    You got a good collection of ebooks, thanxs for the effort. Can u get some books on VoIP. Please do mail me at
  19. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi Subash

    Your ebook list is great!

    But, do you have any ebook link for GSM protocols? Thanks for you help!
  20. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi subash!! Your collection is indeed of great help!! Can u give me some links for books on Graph Theory (by Douglas West or some others)
  21. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    It's a real good collection u put here...real helpful for all freshers. Can anyone has a ebook Carrier Grade Voice Over IP
    By: Daniel Collins if so, please mal me at
  22. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi subash,this is the first time i am visiting ur ebooks collection.
    It is really nice & keep it up.
    By the way ,do you have any collection on fluid mechanics?
  23. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    i give you a salute,
    its a great job; your ebook helping me a lot in my studies, indeed a fantastic collections...could you please add some hacking stuff...tq
    wish you all the best....
  24. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    greetings from Belgrade
  25. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hay Subash, Do u have any good websites links from were i can download SAP Related materials. pls. Forward it to me.this is my e-mail adress.

    Take care
    "Be Active u will achieve wht u always wanted"
  26. Anonymous Anonymous said:  


    If you can provide me with Essential COM ebook refernece or download link, that will help me a lot. Email me at
  27. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi Subash,

    Nice collection of books.Appreciate your work.Do you have any ebooks links for J2EE Professional projects or XML/Java Webservices Professional Projects.

    If you have any,could you please email me at

  28. Blogger Arun Kottolli said:  

    Nice collections of questions. I liked the physcometiric test questions.
  29. Blogger vikram said:  

    nice collection of books. very nice
    could you suggest me the book on rtos and embedded system its urgent
    mail me at
    waiting 4 ur mail
  30. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Please add some books for SAP also
  31. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hi subash,
    i came across ur blog nd found it very nice nd interseting.i m from dce. actually stm is visiting our campus soon.i'll b glad if u can send me latest stm papers. i've already gone thru d ones u've posted.if u have sm other stuff pls mail me. my id
  32. Blogger Anurag Saxena said:  

    hi subhash. do u have links related to chemical engineering??
    if so plz let me know
    Anurag Saxena
  33. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi ,
    Nice Job Subash,
    Keep it up,
  34. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

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  35. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Big B U have done cooj job on this site...thanks for that...
  36. Blogger spaceboyz!!!!! said:  

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  37. Blogger Kailash said:  

    It is really great to ve such a wonderful collections of books. will u plz let me know where can i find books on sun certified java programmer
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    hello i need a free download link about the books of hacking exposed fifth edition
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    I need these two books Principles and prevention of corrosion from D. Jones and Industrial Inhibitors from Sastri. Please help me. Thank you
  40. Blogger Unknown said:  

    you have a really nice list of ebooks. can you suggest me ebooks on 'c' consists of tricky questions and program?
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  41. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    nice list of ebooks here. thanks.
  42. Blogger abby said:  

    hey subhash !
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  43. Blogger v said:  

    Hello Subash,
    Great collection of online books.
    Thank you..
  44. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    pls send me this book:

    "Software Engineering-A Practitioner's Approach(5th Edition)" by Roger S. Pressman


  45. Blogger shefali said:  

    i m shefali u have done nice job thanks and if u can favor me to find books for sap thanks again my email is
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    Hi subash

    please add books for Cisco CNNA
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  47. Blogger Unknown said:  

    thanxxx a lot for the ebook collection....they really helped a lot..
    can u help me find an ebook called

    Wireless Communications : By Andrea Goldsmith.
  48. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    im unable to download the following boook.........
    A C Guyton, Text Book of Medical Physiology

    can u plz send a valid download link
  49. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Amazing collection of e-Books. Pls let me know if you have these following books.

    Kolman, Busby & Ross, Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science, Pearson Education, 5th Edition, 2004.

    R. G. Dromey.
    How to Solve it by Computer.

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  55. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Dear Subash Nayak

    you are doing great educational
    service. Please keep up the work.
    God bless you.

    suresh kumar
    IIT Madras old Student
  56. Blogger Ivan Jaya said:  

    Subash, you have a great collection computer e-books. You are a good person Subash. Keep going.. because what you give it's very important to all netter in this world.

    cause SCIENCE is FREE.
  57. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hey subhash... ur effort in sharing ur knowledge is a proof of how internet/technology can be used for a noble purpose like betterment of mankind, rather than misusing it by creating viruses and other stuff.. carry on man.. God is wid u.. and so r our well wishes..
    by...Jiten (Final year B.Tech IT from VJTI Mumbai)
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  60. Blogger Unknown said:  

    Hi, You have a very nice collection of books. Can you please send me e-book named "How to Solve it by Computer" by R. G. Dromey. Its an Pearson Reprint, 2007. Please mail me the e-book at

  61. Blogger Nikhil said:  

    excellent collection!!!
    Do u hv ne link to Software testing by srinivasan desikan ??
  62. Blogger Bintang di malam hari, Lentera di kegelapan. said:  

    Dear Mr Subhash Nayak...
    thanks for your ebook list.
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  63. Blogger Bhavesh A.P. said:  

    You r doing good job that is need of future INDIA. Well done yaar
  64. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

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    buddy could u get me this one :

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    nice work but cani get following ebooks

    1)How to Solve it by Computer
    Pearson Edu., 1982
    Dromey, R. G

    2)Hanly, Jeri R. and E. B. Koffman
    Problem Solving & Program Design in C
    Pearson Edu., 5th ed., 2007
  79. Blogger sandy said:  

    nice work but cani get following ebooks

    1)How to Solve it by Computer
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    Pearson Edu., 5th ed., 2007

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