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    1. Anonymous amol said:  

      what a great collection..salute to u..

      btw try this site "www.esnips.com" u will find loads of ebooks...also u can upload there ur own book stuff...

      if u find that site useful mail me agrawal.amol@gmail.com

      cheers ,
    2. Blogger Ravdeep said:  

      hello...i saw this page n found it really interesting...great collection...Could you plz guide, which is the best book to learn Java? I don't know anything about Java, however, I need to learn it by myself. I am doin MS Software Engg, so plz tell me which one should I go for?
    3. Anonymous Harsh said:  

      Book Recommended to learn java for Beginners--

      1.how to program in JAVA
      2. JFC unleashed
      3. Java from novice to professional
    4. Blogger Ranno said:  

      Great collection, I too have a blog on Java called http://javacodeonline.blogspot.com, i have tried to cover most of the Java Basics and infact I am submitting new posts at a fast pace. If you some spare time, then come and have a look at this blog, I hope you like it

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