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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    I'm iranian nd i don't know anything about fortran.
    I wan't too learn really.
  2. Blogger Ron said:  

    I don't know people still use Fortran when so many 4GL language is available. I know FORTRAN was default language for engg. some time back but people still using it. But your tutorial is great way to give free information to the world.


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  3. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    I don't know people still use Fortran when so many 4GL language is available. I

    I can understand the opposition against Fortran 77; however, Fortran 95 or Fortran 2003 are very powerful languages.

    Using constructions like

    Matrix = 0 ! all elements 0
    ! Elements 1,3,5... = 3.4
    Matrix(1:333:2) = 3.4
    a = matmul(transposed(b),c)
    if(Any(matrix(:) < 0)

    are really nice and powerful. It also provides features similar to C++'s classes including inheritance.

    Fortran is still one of the main languages (the other is C/C++) for number crunching.
    ("I don't know how the language of the year 2000 will look like, but I know it will be called Fortran.")

    One reason for the bad reputation is the long gap between Fortran 77 and Fortran 90. And Fortran 77 is really old stylish: You need 7 spaces before the command, if a character is in the 6th then you have a continuation line etc.

    Fortran 90/95/2003 (and 2008) still allow this fixed-form codes, but one uses nowadays the free forms.

    Still the fixed code is in so far cool that it gives you the feeling of punch cards.

    Thus: If you want to do number crunching, you should really look at Fortran 95/2003. (Don't start with learning Fortran 77.)

    If you want to manipulate strings, create a nice GUI etc. I wouldn't use Fortran, though it is possible.


    PS: Free Fortran 95/2003 compilers are gfortran ( and g95 (
  4. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Fortran is still the main computational "horsework" at many Aerospace industries. This includes NASA among most large Gas Turbine manufacturers.
    The new Fortran 95 ( and recently 2003) provides all the capabilities of C/C++ in terms of classes/pointers manipulation, yet with a higher number crunching powers.
    I myself learned C++ in school, but was tempted to migrate to Fortran95 when got admitted to my PhD program.
    If you are planning on working for some major Aerospace industry, leran Ada or Fortran 95.
  5. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    FORTRAN in various flavours (77,90,95,F, etc) is still largely used in many computational area like computational chemisry, chemical engineering etc. It generates very fast binary codes, suitables for large programs.
  6. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Yes. FORTRAN is still used and the reason being it's applicability and speed. Easiness is another factor. And if we talk about Fortran 200x, then it is far superior to any other compiled language, that includes C and C++.
  7. Blogger Isil said:  

    FORTRAN is still used in some Universities for courses not connected with programming or informatic field, as a basic languague.
    So, Thank you for these links, they will be very handy for my final project! :D
  8. Blogger robert said:  

    please update missing links on mixed language programming, I searched for an hour to find this very promising page ... then my heart got broken .........
  9. Blogger Chty said:  

    first link "Lecture Notes on Fortran Programming" -> un available
  10. Blogger siva said:  

    hi im siva
    i need to know about iflip in fortran please help
    i had stuck here in my project
    please help
  11. Blogger Wendy said:  


    I am looking for a person who has experience in using FOrtron. I work for a company which counducts training programs in Corporates.My clients wants a trainer in Fortron. Can you please help me with contacts of people you know who might be useful.
    Plz mail at

  12. Blogger Praveej said:  

    Hi..please help me learn fortran since i'm into CFD and without fortran CFD is nothing.
  13. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi..please help me learn fortran since i'm into CFD and without fortran CFD is nothing.
  14. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    please help me learn fortran as i'm working on CFD and without fortran CFD is nothing
  15. Blogger Unknown said:  

    I need to build a standalone Windows-based software, using the Fortran and or C/C ++. I expect users to download the program, install it and use it generically in a Windows environment.

    Main aim of the software is to perform complex nonlinear optimization, and possibly constrained optimization. I expect users to interact with the program using a highly interactive graphics user interface. Practically, depicting results user high-end graphics is a necessity.

    I want to know whether it is possible to achieve these using freely available libraries for Fortran/C/C++. If not, which particular libraries will be useful for my task.

    Your reply will be greatly appreciable.

    Thanks and regards,

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