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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    this is really good thanks a lot
  2. Anonymous ananyo banerjee said:  

    this blog is really helpful for students as because it provides lots of reference material
  3. Anonymous ajay said:  

    really a great collection
  4. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hello I am Chandan Dey.
    Really your collection is good.
    Thank you very much for helping student.
  5. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hello iam mustafa pitha wala
    the collections is very great for growing students and also for those persons who worked in a programming fields
  6. Blogger sahu said:  

    hi any body can write the how these virtual mechanisism work like with an eample , i have idea but i want to know how it work in compile time and runtime i habe read anotated c+++ by stoustrup i understan bit i need more with eample ?
  7. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi, This is a graet idea to have a site holding some C programming reference.

    There is an error in the link "The function pointer tutorials", because it start with jhttp:// ...
  8. Anonymous sekhar said:  

    hello its amazing. plz keep the book named "pointers on c" by ritche,...
  9. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    You can few more good resources,
    may consider,, etc.
  10. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi, I tried Effective C++ and it gives an error, saying "Access Forbidden". Is this book accessible?
  11. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    This is one of the best sites i've come across.. but how do i search if a particular book is available or not out here? i'm lookin for this book called "How to solve it by computer- by R.G. Dromey"
  12. Blogger Ajay Jain said:  

    Today we have launch a new portal is a completed online development environment for C/C++ in Linuc/Unix Style and built over Php.

    You can access here. This is a joint project by CodeControl and Ajay Jain. has a lot of features that will make online development quite comfortable and fun. You can save your prohects over there, take a backup and retrieve it later, or may be download it. It is specially useful in cases when you need to do something and they don't have a compiler.

    Currently supports only Unix/Linux GCC based C/C++. We are planning to introduce Python support very soon. But no official dates. :-)

    Hope you will like it. For any queries, comments, appreciation or crtisim, just comment out here. We will be glad to hear from you.
  13. Blogger Mukund Ubhadiya said:  

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  14. Blogger Proud Indian said:  

    Hi I too have created a website for c++ tutorials and hope you could help me to improve my
  15. Anonymous Haripriya said:  

    There is lot of information on your site. Doing a great job!
  16. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hey buddy this is good..
  17. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    i learned more from this website ,,,,
  18. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    this is very usefull......
  19. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    this is very usefull for me..
  20. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    i wanna knw abt java development tools..tell me..
  21. Blogger Sayeed Sezan said:  

    C/C++ Programming really interesting. I like it so much. Thanks
  22. Anonymous free sat classes said:  

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