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  1. Blogger Aditya said:  

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    PSPice is the simulator software for Analog elex ckts
  3. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    I wanted to write a comment about this website: ; It allows you to take regular C code and compile it to VHDL. It has a simple web interface where you put the C code and it renders the VHDL code. You can take this code and synthesize it to an FPGA. It also creates the testbench for you.
  4. Blogger vipin said:  

    hope this site helps foR vhdl beginners..
  5. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi i want to know how to give an input signal in vhdl regarding displaying gray code in cool runner2
  6. Blogger Melih... said:  

    I need help for my school project in VHDL frequency counter. But I couldnt contact with you. Can you contact with me?
  7. Blogger Steve VanderLeest said:  

    I noticed you didn't list any mobile apps for helping with VHDL. When I went looking a while back, I found that there was only one VHDL reference guide available for iPhone (and it did not include Verilog and did not work for iPad). So I wrote a better one myself! Would you please include something about my app in your next blog? The app is called "VHDL Ref", developed by my app company, squishLogic. It covers both VHDL and Verilog with definitions, equivalence between the languages, and short examples. It works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Your readers can find it in the Apple App store by searching for VHDL Ref.

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