• Networking concepts [pdf]
  • Introduction to Internet Protocols [txt]
  • Network planning and design [pdf]
  • Queuing analysis [pdf]
  • Parallel FTP performance in a High-Bandwidth High-Latency WAN [pdf]
  • Compete WAP Security [pdf]
  • Cryptographic Authentication fo Real-Time Network Protocols [pdf]
  • Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System Report (Working Document) [pdf]
  • IP Multicast Configuration [pdf]
  • Can Shortest-path Routing and TCP Maximize Utility [pdf]
  • A new TCP congestion control with empty queues and scalable stability [pdf]
  • FAST Kernel: Backgroung Theory and Experimental Results [pdf]
  • Robustness and the Internet: Design and evolution [pdf]
  • Robust congestion control for the Internet [pdf]
  • A Mathematical Framework for Designing a Low-Loss, Low-Delay Internet [pdf]
  • On the stability of networks operating TCP-like congestion control [pdf]
  • Ultrascale Network Protocols for Computing and Science in the 21st Century [pdf]

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