I have a dream; To create stuffs that are used by millions and millions of people, like Yahoo, Google and Windows, not neccessarily making billions of dollars. Making money is not a big priority for me, but making stuffs used by millions of people is a dream of me. I don't know whether I will ever succssed in realizing my dream or not. My e-books link collection on geocities and its further porting to blogger is just a consequence of it.

By looking at nice softwares (both small and big), an internal force within me bugs me to make such nice stuffs. I agree making such stuffs single handedly without a team is a day-dream. But still, I don't know why, I always feels that I can do that, I have enough capabilities, but I am not utilizing to its fullest extend because of "N" numbers of reasons. I have made few small goddies (These are too small to be called as a software, little bigger to be called as program). Some of them are incomplete or partial or not upto my visualized system.

Using my blog as a medium, I am interested to extends my ideas to some distant soul who might find usefull to it, might contribute something make it more usefull or might enable me to achieve my dream mentioned above.

I have always a plan to make a unix like shell in windows. It can be easily made in console mode. But I have laways interested it to be in GUI mode, something similar to matlab or ssh console. I have a plan to add basic functionalities of the language and extend it further to have similar capability as matlab (like that of octave but not using gnuplot for plotting but with own plotting library).

I have made a small step into it by making a gui using MFC. I have implemented only 3 systems command till now i.e. pwd, help, and ls. I will be adding much ore functionalities in near future. I am also learning python to evaluate possibilities to using it to simplify my design process. Let's see how much I can progress to achive a complete unix like shell.

It is called as "Patel Shell", in the name of the hall of residence I am currently in at IIT Kharagpur, India.

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