Today seems to be a great day for me. Firstly I have done fairly well (as compared to previous mockCAT PT tests) in today's PT PracCAT test 01. Hope I will get a better percentile than previous tests.

Secondly today there was water-polo match between "Patel Hall" and "Neheru Hall". I happens to be the senior most player of Patel Hall. Frankly speaking towards the beggining of this year when we have not done enough practise i was quite sceptical about the performance of our team. But our confidence got a boost when we gave a good competition to "Azad Hall" water polo team during some friendly water-polo matches before the actual inter-hall competition started.

Today we had our first inter-hall water-polo match with neheru. Neheru has got a very strong team. It had already beaten RK in yesterday's match. The game strategy developed after viewing yesterday's match between RK and Neheru really does a miracle to us. Using that strategy we can almost successfully resisted neheru's attack. Co-ordination amongst fellow team-mates are at its best. Everyone in the team has given more than 100% of them in today's match. I myself got hallucinated by the coordination, effort, and performance of my team. Unlike previous years matches there were minimal amount of foul in this match. Today's match between patel and neheru is worth viewing.

But Unfortunately we loose from neheru by 11-9. But the unexpected and unassumed effort, coordination, and performance shown by patel hall team will be a great asset in future matches (happens to be on tommarow). Hopes we will win the coming game with RK.

Very few moments came to ones life when one get satisfaction even in the face of faliure. Such a moment had came to me today after the match. Even after loosing the match from Neheru I was quite satisfied and happy with the performance we gave today. No doubt there was unhappiness due to the loss of match, but the satsifaction because of achieving the unexpected, clearing the pshycological barier to achieve new hights are far strong to eclispe the previous one. By the way the true playing spirit lies in zeal to play with 100% of you, not in winning or loosing.

Truely today is a great day for me.

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