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  1. Blogger senthilkumar said:  

    Excellent work Mr...
  2. Blogger sriram said:  

    can u post the links for power flow studies using matlab links
    as i am form electrical background
  3. Blogger deepak said:  

    thanx...lot pls send a link to download pspice software...
  4. Blogger pradeep said:  

    hi friend can you tell me any MATLAB training center in delhi, noida, gurgoan.
    and mailling address of it if possible
  5. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    can u help me with my project..

    i shuold write my codes to solve Newton raphson method,,

    this is my E-mail:
  6. Blogger Paras said:  

    hey dude have u ever worked in matlab related to image processing..I 'm facing problems related to skeletonization....
    IIT Bombay
  7. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Do you have anything similar for Mathematica?
  8. Blogger rohit said:  

    hi dear.....can u please help me out in my project "matlab based CAD of microwave ampl and oscillators"...m
  9. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    I am trying to plot a scatter graph and a bar graph on the same axis. I want the scatter graph to use the left hand side y axis (which I have done) however I want the bar graph to use the left hand side y axis. does anyone know how to do this?
  10. Blogger Sridhar said:  

    Hi friend, I would like to write to matlab code for my darcy equation. Can you help me out to derive my equation and plot a graph.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    cna u help to create the program with GUI for power flow problem using newton raphson metoh...i need u help cause i dont know how to design using GUI..plzzzz
  12. Blogger Jaggu Dada said:  

    Hi Subhash,
    Nice work. God bless you. Can you please let me know where one can train in MATLAB at New Delhi. Please mail me if you can at
    Thanks in advance. May God bless you.
  13. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    friends suggest me any training institute for matlab programming in delhi and please suggest me as i want to go further in acoustic field
    so , it is related with somehow signal processing , so please recommend me any other programme other than matlab (if any) .
    email id -
  14. Anonymous gaurav said:  

    friend please suggest me any course
    as i want to do my masters in acoustic , right now am pursuing btech in electronics and communication . and please help me out in finding matlab training institutes in delhi
  15. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    i'm an undergraduate student. I'm writing my final year project 'image features extraction using legendre moment with matlab can anyone help me
    my email
  16. Blogger badymuka said:  

    Can u plz email me the MATLAB code for following problem.
    1.Implement one clock-cycle of the Direct 2 form of the Signal Flow Graph as a stand alone Matlab module/function. Your module should be able to implement an arbitrary
    SOS: compute the output and the next states for the given input, states, and filter’s coefficients
    My email ID is ""
  17. Blogger ravinder said:  

    can u plz send me matlab code for diode noise.
  18. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Muy buen trabajo amigo! :):):):):):)
  19. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Can anybody tell me the coaching institutes for matlab in delhi, as i am very much interested in matlab & i want to learn it.
    plz repl me on my id:
  20. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hey can u tell me the best institute for matlab training as i want to do 45 days training in matlab, plz do reply fast....
  21. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    plz reply me at as soon as possible.........plz
  22. Blogger koshlendra said:  

    hey u haven't mail the institute names, best for 45 days matlab training....
    plz do mail
  23. Blogger AKSHIT BHASIN said:  

    please mailme matlab training institutes in delhi/ncr.
    Akshit Bhasin
  24. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hi, I am a beginning matlab user and have a question concerning the function eps... wondering if anyone could help? I was playing around with calculating the "machine epsilon" of my computer with a while loop, and somehow changed the value of my function eps, maybe by calling a variable in the script eps... anyhow eps(1) = 2e-16, when I attempt to evaluate, not the default value for the intrinsic function, namely 2e-52. Is there anyway to reverse this? Thanks.
  25. Blogger Himanshu said:  

    can u tell about matlab coching institute in delhi
  26. Blogger Himanshu said:  

    can u tell about matlab coching institute in delhi
  27. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    i need help with something.

    i need to create a kind of arcball using images in matlab.
    i have images of an object. and i should create a 3D object that the user can spin and see the images like a 3D model. i tried to use the regular arcball, and show my images, but it did'nt work out.

    do you have an idea, please?
  28. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    i need help with something.

    i need to create a kind of arcball using images in matlab.
    i have images of an object. and i should create a 3D object that the user can spin and see the images like a 3D model. i tried to use the regular arcball, and show my images, but it did'nt work out.

    do you have an idea, please?
  29. Anonymous Samarjeet said:  

    Hi.... i m facing problem in working with large size 2D real valued arrays (1000 rows/8 columns). it is not accepting that there any solution???
  30. Blogger ravi said:  

    sir i am not able to get programs for these plz help me
    1. Basic operations on matrices
    2. Generation of various signals and sequences( periodic and aperiodic) such as unit impulse, unit step, square, saw tooth, triangular, sinusoidal, ramp, sinc function
    3. Operations on signals and sequences such as addition, multiplication, scaling, shifting, folding, computation of energy and average power
    4. Finding the even and odd parts of signal or sequence and real and imaginary parts of a signal
    5. Convolution between signals and sequences
    6. Autocorrelation and cross correlation between signals and sequences
    7. Verification of linearity and time invariance properties of a given continuous/ discrete system
    8. Computation of unit sample, unit step and sinusoidal responses of the given LTI system and verifying its physical realizability and stability properties
    9. Gibbs phenomenon
    10. Finding Fourier transform of a given signal and plotting its magnitude and phase spectrum
    11. Waveform synthesis using Laplace transform
    12. Locating zeros and poles, and plotting the pole –zero maps in S-plane and z-plane for the given transfer functions
    13. Generation of Gaussian noise (real and complex), computation of its mean, M.S. values and its Skew, Kurtosis, and PSD, probability distribution function
    14. Sampling theorem verification
    15. Removal of noise by autocorrelation /cross correlation in a given signal corrupted by noise
    16. Impulse response of raised cosine filter
    17. Verification of Weiner- Khinchine relations
    18. Checking a random process for stationary in wide sense
  31. Blogger Cynthia said:  

    hi, I'm taking a matlab computing course and my background is mathematics. Sometimes i have questions about my code. Can I list it and you can offer ideas to make it better/ more elegant? If so that would be great. thanks Cindy
  32. Blogger RMS Danaraj said:  

    Dear students /researchers matlab consultancy is can visit the site
  33. Blogger Babbi said:  

    i m nitish persuing mtech and doing my project in call admission control in matlab coding.but i m not able to implement it properly and i also want some help regarding research in call admission control in wimax network.can anyone tell me wot to do in research in call admission control as my thesis work please mail me at
  34. Blogger Babbi said:  

    hi m doing my project in matlab can any one help me wot to do as a reserach in call admission control in matlab .
  35. Blogger raja said:  

    Hi, someone please help me!

    is there anyway (except for using loops) to do this...
    (hard to explain)

    say i have a vector of a=[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
    and i want to get another vector b, of so the first value of vector b is the first value of a + second value of a, second value of vector b is the first value of vactor a + second value of vector a + third value of vector a...etc...

    then however, imagine that this is a program, and a could have 7 values, or it could have 200 values...

    is there anyway to make vector b sitll apply
  36. Anonymous Kharabela said:  

    hi friends
    can any one tell me
    How to delete multiple column in matlab

  37. Blogger bujjireddy said:  

  38. Blogger bujjireddy said:  

    pls anyone help me about optimal power flow coding
  39. Blogger slash said:  

    Hy. you have very useful material on your page. Nice work.
    I already set your web adress on my web page.
    If you want you can check my web site. I started a new blog which is only focusing on programming.
  40. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hello good evening,

    i need a matlab code for modified canny algorithm using infrared images
  41. Anonymous Aaron Angel said:  

    Found your blog very useful. Especially for matlab programmers.
  42. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hi friend can you tell me any MATLAB training center in delhi, noida, gurgoan.
    and mailling address of it if possible AT
  43. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    may i request to all of you send the contact number of MATLAB expert who will help on my project.
    my contact no. is- 9873855064
  44. Blogger Shiraj Gakhar said:  


    My anme is Shiraj i want to have training in matlab, neural network toolbox.

    My email ID id

    Please reply or give your contact number.

  45. Anonymous uno said:  

    article that you created is very interesting, by reading this article I have a reference to write a new post on my blog
  46. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    excellent stuff
  47. Anonymous harly said:  

    it very good job ...
    i m very glade to find your blog..
  48. Blogger mightyheart91 said:  

  49. Blogger srini said:  

    can anybody list the MATLAB training centres in Delhi?

    Kindly send list to

    Thank you in advance
  50. Blogger Praveen said:  

    i need help on Fourier transform of the frequency modulated wave having two frequencies 8.6 khz and 3Ghz. can any one help me on this work?
    i want to generate the graph b/w Doppler response in db and ratio of two frequencies(f/fa).
  51. Blogger ank12 said:  

    can anyone help me in finding out matlab code for amplitude distortion in cosine modulated filter banks in multirate digital signal processing.

    my email id is :
  52. Blogger jechu said:  

    can u help me out in my matlab project which is a ieee paper
  53. Blogger Final year projects said:  

    please mail me
  54. Blogger manju st said:  

    Hi, i am doing a project on 4*4 mimo ofdm. i am taking a image input. so, i need the codes for encoder and decoder. And, modulator and demodulator. I am not willing to use inbuilt functions. I need function codes. Pls help me.
    Mail Id-
  55. Blogger swathi s said:  

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  56. Blogger Deepesh Rawat said:  

    Nice blog Sir...
    If anyone want Project on MATLAB then follow this link
  57. Blogger Deepesh Rawat said:  

    If anyone want project in MATLAB then follow this link
  58. Blogger shruti bhalerao said:  

    sir,i want to calculate distance between two pixel in cm will you provide some MATLAB code for this.plz mail me
    thank you...
  59. Anonymous matlab gratuit said:  

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