This post may be considered as a sequel to my first post on Paritrana, the new political party created by a group of ex-IITians and is creating a lots of ho-hulla in Indian Blogosphere. It also has got attention of Indian media (like Indian Express). Thanx to under-construction status of their website, we know very little about their aim, approach, philosophy and action plan. But a post at Arthashastra named "Paritrana - getting to know them a little bit more" presents an informal interview with the national treasurer of Paritrana. It gives a rough idea on the rough road ahead of Paritrana even after getting so much attention in Indian blogosphere. Here are soe of the conclusions that I can make out from the posts and the comments that followed after:-
  • The road ahead of Paritrana is not going to be smooth. Ultimately they have to enter the political battle field and content for elections both for assemblies and parliaments. They need resourses. The more they aspire to achieve, the more resourses they need. And acquiring resourses is not a simple task. The resourses they are needed is not just confined to the economical aspect, the human resourse aspect also going to create a big problem to them. Getting party worker, motivating them to their noble cause, mobilizing them, getting grassroot level support is going to be a herculian task. Even if there is no dearth of abled, dedicated, and corruption-hating individuals in India, but finding them, motivating them to join their party is going to be yet another big hurdle. Their is a easy-to-guess wrong solution to it, that is to select individuals not full-filling those stringent requirements and finally be similar-to-yet-another-party in India, and loose the support of ur peers too.
  • From the interview it seems their policital philosophy can be described as developmentalist and centrist. It is definitely a good sign.
  • But the bad thing about it is that they are going to contest elections in a country where the functional literacy level is below 33%. Note the word "functioanal" in the previous statements. And elections are fought on emotioanally-appealing agendas, caste, religions, and with the money-power. In such a chaotic highly imperfect world, it will be a terrific task to win battles without compromising ur ideals. Those guyz at Paritrana have to a strong social engineering leadership and decision taking skills.
But still there is a hope. They are IITians who are considered as the cream of the society. They have fixed their mission. They are definitely going to win. But how much they are going to win is going to be decided by the future. God bless you guyz @Paritrana for ur noble effort

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    If they WILL, they WILL do. Don't forget National Socialists of Germany did do that.
  2. Blogger Vinod Varghese said:  

    i believe this party can do alot. it would need a lot of sacrifice and commitment by like minded people to rid our nation of corruption and lead India to be a developed nation in every sense.

    God bless India and the paritrana party!

    Jai Hind!
  3. Blogger Arul S said:  

    Its really refreshing to see youngsters like them starting a party. I feel we youth can do so many things to the society and make India a better place. My best wishes and support to the party. Hope all of us make this a bigger party and make their dreams and so all our like minded dreams come true.
  4. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    It sounds really sad when everyone refers to them as "THEY". Shoudn't it be "US"? (yeah! yeah! I'm a late bloomer, since this is 2006 news)...better late than never eh ?
  5. Blogger megha said:  

    Wonderful step by youths, we should focus on young population as they are in majority and most literate encourage them to make voter id cards so that they can vote " paritrana" , it will definitely win , everyone is there with us , i m from IIT Roorkee , I would be happy to work with this organization

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