Have you ever have a desire to experience the look and feel of a real Macintosh. But because of n number of reasons you have not been able to install and run it in ur own PC. Then iFizzle is for you. This site is one of the best/cool site I have ever visited in the net. Basically it is a flash-based interactive demonstartion of look and feel of Macintosh. And the background music is really cool. If you have 5 minutes free and flash is enabled in your computer (bad luck for lynx guyz... ) then this site is a must visit for you. http://www.ifizzle.com/ifizzlepb.html

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  1. Blogger yash gupta said:  

    u could at any time install softwares that permanently make your desktop look like mac. ther are object dock rk launcher and full conversion suites like flyakite osx etc.

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