PCWorld.com has relesed the 100 Best Products of 2005. And guess who has topped the list. Undoubtedly Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Forefox has been selected as the product of the year 2005. The complete list of all 100 products can been found at here. Here are some other cool softwares that have coe within top 10 in different categories:-
  • Firefox (Product of the year)
  • Gmail (2nd Best Product)
  • Apple Mac OSX V10.4 Tiger (2nd in Office Software)
  • Copernic Desktop Search (4th in Office Software)
  • Google Desktop Search (6th in Office Software)
  • Ubuntu Linux 5.04 (7th in Office Software)
  • Other Softwares that have selected within top 100 products are Zone Lab Zone Alarm Anti-Virus, A9.com, Flikr.com, Google, GMail, Archive.org, Thunderbird, Opera, TypePad, Skype, and wikipedia.
The complete list of products in ranking is given here.

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