Recently there was a very famous sting operation being carried out by corbapost named Operation Duryodhan. This sting operation unearths 11 MPs of Indian Parliament taking bribes to table questions on Indian Parliament. A blogger named sivamvij was one of the member of the sting operation team. Amongst various question that were asked to be presented in the parliament, there was a very funny bogus question on bloggers, which obviously has created a lots of waves in indian blogosphere. Here is a post by ravikiran pointing to these stuffs.

The above post by ravikiran have created some slightly different questions/debates in indian blogosphere. Some of the very prominent indian blogger have started posting on the discussion that has started as the comments of the above post. The debates that comes out of those discussions and new posts are on the questions of effects of ibertarian philosophy, free market, Regularization and so on. Some of the posts on this issue can be found out at here, here and here.

Now let me put my points on these discussions. I call those stuffs the ultra-pure form of "Intellectual Masturbation". Consider a case of a monkey. Now our aim is to make this monkey enable to design next-generation rockets to reach alpha-centaury with 10*c speed (c being the speed of light) using some ground breaking unusual-craps. Now the question is what school should we send this monkey, to a government owned school, a private school (next stage question CBSE/ICSE etc etc ..). Now n number of prominent politicians are assembled in a room called eBlogosphere and were asked to give their suggestions. Being a politicians must be a wonderfull experience. You are asked to give ur suggestions you have heard once or twice in some meeting or seen it at some newpapaer or so on. And wonderfully you give 4 hour lecture on what we should do to achieve a speed of 10*c. And obviously 80%+ of the lecture will be what is ur party's propagenda.

Is it illogical to call these type of discussion "Intellectual Masturbation". I don't find anything wrong in calling these discussion so. Reforms, Red-tapism, Conservatism, on Communism, or Socialism are ways. They are never the means. The ultimate aim is to achieve the all-round development of ur nation. And to do it you need a strong sense of nation within not just you, but of the maximum citizen of that country.

Freedom has never been free. But it is almost always assumed to be free. And thats where the problem almost always has began. Freedom always comes with responsibilities, and freedom gives you the ways to do ur responsibilities. It never gives you freedom form not to fullfil ur responsibilities. Malayasia and Ghana are two countries who got independence in almost same period of the history and today you just can't compare these two nations. History has shown us that neither regulations nor free market is the solution to any problem. The solution lies in the vision and acute desire to accomplish those visions. Look at singapore. It has a very strong social regulatory system. If you don't belive it then I request you go and visit the country profile of singapore. Still it is considered as one of the best place to live. China is yet another example of successfull system in presense of communism. And what extra achievements have made the CIS countries or russia after so-called democratization. Now lets look at some of the big faliures of free markets. Sea the rise and falls of Argentina and Mexico's economy. What big they have achieved by a free market system.

Driving the economy of a country is very much like driving of a vehicle in a roads. The size of the vehicle being propotional to the complexity of its economy. Now there is a target and ur vision is to reach target. There are many paths to the target and away from the target. The methods like free market or regulations are similar to the amount of control u want to achieve. Now the achievement of target is not only dependent on the freedom of the system, but rather it is a complex matrix of n number of parameters like
  • The efficiency of ur system, How much efficient is ur governmental system is. What is the unit of delay of a given project (days, months, or year)
  • The infrastructure of ur system. What are ur infrastructure with which u want to accomplish ur task. Waht is ur literacy rate; what about functional literacy; how smooth are ur highways and so on
  • How smooth is ur road, the external factors
  • Are you moving in the right directions ???? Or in the direction of Somalia or DR Congo
  • And the driver, Has he is suffering from short-sighted ness (like most of Indian MPs)
Leaving behind these parameters, take any methods be it socialism, communism, liberty, Somalia or anything ......... You and destined to fall. So be carefull .....

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