The main reason behind my inertness towards posting new posts in this blog is two-fold. Firstly I was little bit busy with posting new stuffs in my other blog on JOB/CAMPUS placement. Secondly the CAMPUS placement season at all IITs have started from december 21st. Being a final yr student, I was also in need of a JOB. I was busy preparing for JOB during the whole winter vacation. And the effort put in the winter vacation give the best possible result that I can expect. I got JOB @ nVidia, Bangalore. So I am no more jobless (hahahah ....). Hopefully my posting speed in this blog will increase in near future. There are some very important lessons/observations I learned/made during searching stuffs for blogs, preparing for interviews and tests, and giving intreviews and tests. I am sharing those in the hope that it will be usefull to someone in-need.
  • There are few standard questions that are usually asked in the interviews, either in the crude forms or in the modified forms. I have seen one of my friend being asked the same questions in 3 different interviews (of different organizations). This phenomenon can be explained assuming the facts that the question-setters are proffesionals who are expert in some other domain, and are not interested/forced to set authentic questions.
  • So it is highly advisable to search in the net for interview questions, You can try in ur institute LAN p2p network to get those questions. No question should be left unprepared as those questions are equally probable to come in the exam.
Being a Electronics guy I have an idea of types of questions that usually come in EC/VLSI/EDA type of companies. If you are preparing for these types of company then here are some questions that might come in ur interviews
  • Basic Digital Logic, Logic Minimization, Implementaion of logic functions using NAND, NOR and MUXs, Different types of counters, questions of demultiplexer, circuits to find out number of ones in n-bit word, squaring circuits (for y = x^2)
  • FSM design, sequence detector
  • Divide by n (2,3,4,5 etc...) counters (both synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Divide by 3 counter with 50% duty cycle **TOUGH**
  • Divide by 1.5 or 2.5 counter **TOUGH**
  • Questions of setup and hold time, positive and negetive clock skew, jitters and its effect on them
  • Questions on Verilog, breaking and non-breaking assignments
  • Wheel rotation direction detector and its variants
  • Questions on CMOS logic, Pass transistor logic, SRAM, more can be found out at
  • Data structure: Queues, Stack, Lined list, Doubly Linked lists
  • C++, Friend function, Virtual function, static data members and static functions and many more variants
  • Puzzles to Puzzles you
Many more such questions are compiled at my JOB related blogs at

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    great blog...esp the links to e-books...guess thats how most people end up at your blog

    congrats on your job at nvidia....great company..a batchmate of mine joined them last year...V Sundeep (IIT-M)

    best of luck

    Sumanth Jamadagni

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