Rather than explaining the whole story, let me quote a part of the article from Times of India on the hope of 21st century, a political party formed by five IITians in India.
BANGALORE: Seems like Mani Rathnam’s Yuva is getting off the reels. Five IITians, all in their 20s, have decided to take up mainstream politics. The youths, based in Jodhpur, will be in the city to campaign for their national party, “ Paritrana’’ , which was launched in Jodhpur on Friday.
“Giving up handsome pay packages, comfort of family and support of friends wasn’t that easy,’’ says Tanmay Rajpurohit, the national president of the party and B Tech in aerospace from IIT Bombay followed by an MS from GeorgiaTech and double masters in arts.
“But my inner voice told me that I should invest my efforts in my country rather than making my pockets heavier,’’ said Ajit Ashwalayan Shukla, vice president of the party.
The complete story can be read at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1384682.cms . Also the official site of Paritrana can be visited at http://paritrana.org/index.html .

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