Media is supposed to give the true picture of a country in an utopian world. But unfortunately the a practical non-utopian world, the problems of the lower strata of the society is often ignored. But in 1890, Jacob Riis, a Dutch immigrant to the US, wrote about - and photographed - the appalling slum conditions in New York City. Around the 1890s, half of New Yorkers lived in slums (similar to modern Bombay) and Riis wrote his book to garner much needed attention. The book was called How the Other Half Lives.

Now there is yet another similar effort being put forward by a group of indian blogger to give a better picture of the often-ignored "other-half" of the Indian society and possibly some solution to improve it via blogging at How the other Half Live. Some of big-boos of Indian blogosphere like Dilip D'Souza, Shivam Vij are a part of this nice effort. Alternative and Innovative blogs like this are definitely a good sign for indian blogosphere. Thunmbs up dudes@the othe halves !!!

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  1. Anonymous Dilip D'Souza said:  

    Thank you Subash! How's the longest railway platform in the world?
  2. Anonymous Anand said:  

    Many thanks, Subash.

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