This is about the paradox that I face regarding my JOB/Campus related blog at The Nameless Blog. The above blog is started in last December, while preparing for job, out of frustation on the "lack of quality information on preparation of job", and their distributed nature. Whenever there are some information, they came with equally heavy dose of pervasive ads, in the cost of more-than-required-numbers-of-clicks. There are some very nice yahoo groups for questions asked by various companies, at various institutes across India (yeps ... my blog is just aimed to cater the Indian jobless ... sorry for that ... no idea about the processes and needs of guyz at other countries), at different stages of selections process. But those information are too random, un-ordered, and doesn't have any presentation component.

So while starting my blog, my aim was simple, to have an organized, nicely-sorted, ok-type-presented, without any pervasive ads, few-click and quality blog on the various facets of campus/job related information. Luckily many of my tasks are automatically simplified after discovery of huge pile of information on placements on KGP LAN, almost sorted, but distributed. Thanx P2P network DC++ which is the lifeline of IITKGP, using which you can obtain all the material shared by 400 users by just one search within seconds. So I started searching, add newly discovered information to my old database, and with passage of time now I my database contains 222 MBA of informing spanning across 600 folders, 4000 file of hard-disk of my poor-old-hcl pc.

My aim is simple, to put those information into my blog in a coherent manner, adhering to the standard that i have planned while starting my blog. And recent flagging of my blog as spammy by blogger is yet another blow to my effort, I just can't dare to post apparently spammy, but really usefull posts as frequently as i want. No doubt the flagging got turned off after i mailed to blogger, but still i just don't feel like posting moree than one post a day.

Thus came the paradox, with such huge pile of semi-sorted information i am interested to post to my blog, and such slow the process of compiling and posting it, it may take years to completely post all those posts. Distribution of materials in varied formats ranging from text, pdf, html, rtf, docs, images, and source code in various languages poses yet another problem of presentation; to present in a format-indepedent uniform-and-coherent presentation. By the way what is the point of having a blog with poor presentation, it will become yet-another-site on job related inforamtion, not the best-of-best amongst them. Quality demands extra effort and pays a lots more, and i am obessed with quality. Posting images to blogger is not a very convienient, and separating texts and images in documents rich in both contents are also not very easy to present in a nice way.

In the face of choice between quality and quantity, i will choose the former one, because by posting information not likely to be found in other popular sites, i am actually adding extra information to the cyber-space, and enriching it, and quality pays well. The target of 222MB is a big one, but i am determined to achieve it, and why shouldn't i do it, when my strange hobby of collecting and presenting stuffs is going to be helpfull to some needy-one ?????

I don't think I have ever ran 1.6Km at a stretch in my life untill today when I finally able to cross this limit. I have always been good at swimming, but extremely bad at jugging/running. This is not because of lack of physical stamina, but because of lack of my ability to break my mental notion that even I can ran as other. And finally I decided to break the above notion very recently, may be around 30 days back, when I decided to start going for jugging at gyanghosh stadium of IITKGP with my friend Sameer. Then my confidence started growing slowly and today for the first time I am able to have 4 round (4*400m = 1.6km) of it.

To me it is an eye-opener, an invitation to break my mental blockings/prejudices (atleast those which are useless). Two months before if someone would have asked me the the question "how much can you run ?" ... My answer would have not more than 100m, may be I would have started diverting the topic by describing my swimming ability and many more such out-of-context, statements justifying my lack of ability and so on. I have laways been justifying my lack of inability with some nonexisting muscular problem.

1.6Km or 4 round is a milestone for me because I have a dream of jugging 4 rounds of gyanghosh at a stretch as the final aim, while I started jogging. Today I have to take two 2-3 mins break to achieve 4 rounds, but now I realize that much more than 4 rounds of gyanghosh can be ran at a stretch if consitency is maintained, and I am determined to achieve it. This breaking of notion will be a big inspiration for me to break my mental prejudice, to start thinking afresh, not just to dream, but to struggle to achieve and excel in it.

Here are links to some online novels/literature I have came across while browing web. Bookmark this page for your future reference.


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This is exactly what message I got when I tried to edit the table of content of my Name less Blog - A blog on JOB/CAMPUS/CAREER/Interview questions for the needy jobless ones. When I follow the link I got the following message.

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I have filled out the form to get a review, and hopefully I can post new stuffs to it soon.
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A Great Relief indeed

In last semster of IITKGP life, after getting a job, my lifestyle has slightly chnaged. There is a whole lot of free time, which i just can't able to spend by sleeping only. So I have developed some new hobbies. This include watching movies, reading novels, going for jogging to burn my extra fats, and adding new pages to my nameless blog.

I am very much selective in choosing the movie to watch. I usually take my friend's suggestion, imdb rating and many more small factors while choosing a movie to watch. The result is by-far positive. It ends up in watching the best movies produced so far, and a soul enriching process. Each movie unwinding a new facet of life, and is fun to watch too. Here are the movies I have watched within 15 days.
  • A Beautifull Mind: The best movie I have watched so far, can watch it 100 times more, really inspirational
  • Seven Years in Tibet: A movie on an austrian mountainer going to Tibet and developing friendship with boy dalai-lama, and giving him insight of the outer world. The portrait of simplicity of Tibetian living style, the conversation between the dalai lama and Brad Pitt, and the depiction of chinese invasion of tibet are simply marvelous
  • Forrest Gump
  • The Man who would be King
  • Jerry Maguire
  • The Truman show: All above four movies depict the power of passion, and strong determination of human being in some way or other.
  • Schindler's List
  • Crash
Yet to watch some more classics. Will watch them soon. In the novel side I started with "Count your chicken before they hatch" by Arindom Chaudhary. A crappy managerial book advertising IIPM and nothing more with few innovative stuffs. Then I venture into "The Monk who sold his ferrari" by Robin Sharma. I found it to be a very nice, inspiring, innovative and practical book. This book is worth giving a try. Then I read some of the essays of Bertand Russel, yet to complete his whole essay collection. Then ventured into the god-is-dead philosophical world of Friedrich Nietzsche. First read his "The AntiChrist". Its somehow bearable. But his repeatative void philosophy of his famous work "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" is simply not bearable. I can read upto its second part and left there. The style of presentation is vague, and i got fed-up with is god-is-dead fundaes. And today only I started reading "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse; and completed it today itself. Truely a marvellous novel worth giving a try.