New and Interesting spam mail that get a clean chit from gmail spam filter because the location got changed from Africa to Cambodia !!!
Business Investment Proposal Sir, It is my honor and with a heart deep of humiliation and seeking good consolation that I seek to write to you. My name is Miss.Anusa Hirunpatravong From Thailand now exile in Cambodia, My Late Father was personal Aid to Mr.Thaksin Shinawatra on home affairs, the former Prime Minister of Thailand . Mr. Thaksin Shinwatra during his tenure as the Prime Minister of Thailand before he was ousted by the military junta through a military coupe de tat in 2006. This happened while he (the Prime Minister) went for United Nations meeting in USA in 2006, the military junta took it as opportunity to carry out a coupe against the prime minister. This problem started when the Thai opposition government and some royal supporters accused Mr. Thaksin of accumulating billions of dollars from his multi national companies,and a lot of opposition agitated that the prime minister should step down,but he refused due to some wealth he tried to protect before stepping down. The Military Junta has seized all the multi billion dollar companies owned by Mr. Thaksin and his workers , kill some and get them arrested. They have also frozen there bank accounts,I write to seek your assistance in investing the fund amounting US$10.6 Million [Ten Million And Six Hundred Thousand United State Dollars] which was left to me by my late Father and now my life is in Danger. I will give you all the legitimate information concerning the fund and details about me on hearing from you. You are assured that you will have much benefit as you assist me in this regard to secure the fund. I ran to Cambodia for the safety of my life and all my documents have been seized so get back to me for more details. Please do not disclose any part of this message if you are not interested in giving this profitable assistance. You can contact me by email Best Regards. Miss.Anusa Hirunpatravong