These days I am working on System Verilog/VMM (for those lucky one who don't know what these are, System Verilog is a Hardware Verification Language which is used for verifying complex multi-million gates digital designs, and VMM is a verification methodology for the same):- Presentations:-

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    the link to prolog page is not working. pls change the file extension. It is given as "htl".

    -- Bishwa
  2. Blogger mstsvetk said:  

    IMHO the best source for SV learning (don't HA-HA!) is the SV standard (2009 edition completly perfect - it combines verilog and SV now). Execptional standard - it's written like perfect tutorial.
  3. Blogger Subash said:  

    @mstsvetk, You mean the 3.1 LRM, Its good, but for beginners, these links are better. I am telling this from my personal experience.

    @ mstsvetk, Вы имеете в виду 3,1 LRM, добрые, но и для начинающих, эти ссылки лучше. Я говорю от этого моего личного опыта.
  4. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    hii...this is prima from bangladesh. im doing my undergrade thesis on verilog. can u help us by providing some topics on this.
    contact me at
  5. Blogger verilogfreak said:  


    subash, I have onsite interview with Mentor graphics for Associate Rotation Engineer - DFT, for this job i need to be proficient with perl, system verilog, linux, c++, synopsys and dft. could you please suggest some questions based on this topics,you can ask me considering your my interviewer, i will be very helpful for that. email me at

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