Today I came across an excellent 6-page article on India by a US magazine called Newsweek. Its a long read but is worth reading. Here is the lin to the entire article:- Here are some of the quotes fro the articles:-
"What will India look like politically in 25 years?" we know the answer: like it does today—a democracy, probably with a coalition government. Democracy makes for populism, pandering and delays. But it also makes for long-term stability. In 1960 India had a higher per capita GDP than China; today it is less than half of China's. That year it had the same per capita GDP as South Korea; today South Korea's is 13 times larger. Democracy in India too often means not the will of the majority but the will of organized minorities This is perhaps the central paradox of India today. Its society is open, eager, confident and ready to take on the world. But its state—its ruling class—is far more hesitant, cautious and suspicious of the changed realities around it.
And here is a quote on Indian Communist:-
It is ironic, for example, that India's Communist Party does not campaign for growth to lift the very poor but rather works to maintain the relatively privileged conditions of unionized workers

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