A man should...

Have faith in God, but believe in himself,

know how to laugh at himself,

never stop trying, even if he totters and trips,

know how to cook a meal,

count 1 to 5 whenever he’s angry,

be a child at heart and live like a king,

be down to earth, yet have eyes full of dreams,

fall in love at least once in life,

never forget his first kissing misadventure,

laugh when he wants to shout,

be Adam for the woman in his life,

know that the path of duty leads to glory,

set goals to achieve and have new heights to reach,

stare at a pretty girl,

give compliments generously,

pay more time to grooming,

learn to be patient if it’s his wife and impatient
if it’s the girl friend,
help at home,

get a glass of water for himself
by himself,

never forget to send his mother a flower,

have the courage to fail,

exercise restrain over his emotions,

yet be a little lad within.

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