To be exact it has been 130 days at Bangalore; and thanx to job-induced-ultra-busy schedule, I am not getting time to post new stuffs to my blog. Still my adventure into the world of book is going on. Here are some more books that I have consumed in between last and present post.
  • Beyond Good and Evil - Nietzsche [It's neither good or evil; just an utter crap]
  • Midnight's Children - Salman Rushdie [The best novel I have read till date]
  • Wise and otherWise - Sudha Murthy [Still another piece of junk, utterly useless moral ramblings]

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  1. Blogger Suresh S said:  

    I have read sudha murthy's Wise ans Otherwise, too unrealistic and makes tad sense in today's world.

    Yet to read salman rushdie's though!

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