Yes, finally I have done it. I have successfully ported the award winning Connections theme for blogger. Here is a step by step sort-of-guide for those who don't now how to change template.
  • First download connection theme for blogger from here. Save it to your local hard disk.
  • Goto Blogger dashboard. Select the blog to which you want to apply connection theme. Click on the Template tab.
  • In the template page change the blogger navbar color to silver.

  • In the template page you will find a textbox as shown here. Save the text of the textbox to your local drive as a backup. This will be usefull to change the template to the original state in case if you want in a later stage.
  • Replace the text of the textbox with the text of Template.txt [i.e. the textfile downloaded in the step 1]
  • Now click on the orange "Save Template Change" Button to save the changes you have made to your template.
  • Repulish your blog to have set connection as your default theme
  • Wish you a Happy Blogging

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous Jon said:  

    I would like to officially declare - you are the man!

    I've been trying to figure out how to do this. Thanks!!!!
  2. Blogger MiGi said:  

    Thx man!
  3. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hello, I like this theme for my blogger site, but the download link does not work (geocities was close). Could you send me it by e-mail? (sacha.pimentel [AT] Thanks, good work, greetings.
  4. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hello, I like this theme for a blogger blog (link problem to download it). Could you send it me by e-mail?
    Thanks a lot!
  5. Blogger Red said:  

    Hi, I would like to get this theme for my blog as well, could you send me the code to my e-mail please? your download link is broken...

    Thank you very much
  6. Blogger eNcHik YePPie said:  

    me too. pls send Template.txt to my email (enchikyeppie [AT]


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