Flickr is a wonderfull and featurefull photo storage, sharing and organizing tool from yahoo. It is one of the best online photo management tool with collaborative photo management, commenting, tagging and many more features. To get a little deeper inside into the world of flickr have a look at these links:-

Photos can be uploaded to Flicker by web or by other photo uploading tools or via e-mails. In addition to this rss feed of chronologically aranged photo stream, feed for all tags, and FlickrLabs automated discovery of interesting images adds spice to this service. It also provides Flickr API for developer to develop new and interesting apps using it, and making it much more appealing. Also there is a Flicker Forum to each Flicker user to ask questions, report bugs, and suggest new features.

There are a lots of usefull and interesting apps have been developed aroung Flicker. Some of the best amongst them are given below

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    Great resource, was wondering if you have any good books on COM/DCOM for beginners?

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