Flock, a cutting-edge firefox-based web browser integrating next generation web technologies like RSS content feed, bookmark, blog,and photo sharing is lunched today. More information on it can be obtained from slashdot, zdnet, and at floak itself. Here are some salient features of floak worth noting

  • Browser based on Mozilla Firefox developed by a team of developer led by Bart Decrem, a well-known open source developer who co-founded the ill-fated Eazel project back in 1999 and has been involved with both the Mozilla and GNOME foundations
  • Inbuild RSS feed support. No need of external website or reader to agregate RSS feeds. It will enable the user to read all his favourite blogs at one place
  • del.icio.us based bookmark management, thereby enabling the user to seamelessly aceess and share it in a browser independent way
  • In built support of blogging with popular blogging service like Blogger, Wordpress and Six Apart

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Hello ..can u tell me how can i put this connection theme in blogspot. Coz i went through the vanilla mist downloaded the folder but just cudnt understand how to use it ... and the txt file explaining how to install is for wordpress ... i just cannnot help myself plz help me out .. plz if u can post the process here as a comment ...
    i will always be thankful.
  2. Blogger Subash said:  

    Hi ... I am in my way to write a complete tutorial how to make put this connection theme in blogspot. I will make a zip file and detailed instruction of how to install it for blogspot within few days. Just keep watching. Or you can just mail me at subash.nayak[at]gmail.com to let you know when I completed porting it to blogger
  3. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    I never thought ppl are devoting so much of their time in building Templats or such kind of thing .well i dont think Blogspot do hold this type of theme competition .. but yeah see the wordpress ... theres a lot of small small things goin all arnd and ppl really working hard than hardest for each small thing.

    Will be waiting for ur improved Connection theme .. dont just write a tutorial also develop the theme a bit if u can

    ok thanks bye ....
  4. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    it is flock not floak

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