Understanding IITs - This is what is the title I have given to one of my post in the IIT community in orkut in the thread tech univ ranking of india ... . To the netizens unaware of what in means by the three letter word called IIT, ask someone form the silicon valley or form any reputed university in USA [provided you know someone]. IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology. There are seven IITs in India and They provides the best quality of engineering education any indian engineering institution can ever provide. These universities rarely come within top 50 engineering university in the world, but still people like Bill Gates have once quoted them to be one of the best university of the world. Even one of the top news channel of US called CBS has released a complete documentary on them. You goto silicon valley and randomly choose 100 person there you will find 40 of them to have a Bachelor degree fro IIT.

Doesn't the previous paragraph seems like paradoxial. Yes they are truely paradoxial. Some university named IIT which does not come within top 50 technological university in the world [and sometime comes within top elite top 5 like MIT, Standford ...] in surveys, is being called as one of the best university of the world by no other than Bill Gates. This is not only confuse the people not very well aware of IIT, but it too confuses the people who have a very close assosiation with IITs as well.

Because of this whenever some global survey organization [which ranks universities] publishes its report, IITs usually doesn't come within top 50s and sometimes it is copared with top universities in the world. It perplexed the average junta of IIT community and a good amount of intellectual discussion goes on in these type of topics. Recently such type a thread is invoked in the IIT community and I posted my views on the reason behind such perplexed vision regarding position of IIT. I am just quating what I have posted there

The ranking of technological universities are based on n numbers of parameters like infrastructure, quality of teaching, quality of research, no of paper published, no of citations per faculty, quality of faculties, no of publications in magazines like nature and science, reputation and so on...

No doubts our IIT system is in all most all respect lags behind in this regard due to n number of reasons like lack of funding, research, lack of quality MTech and Phd programm, corruction and the magic-word called "brain-drain".

But have you ever thought where we exceeds to all most all the university in the world??? We exceed to other universities in our quality of manpower we produce. Our BTechs are the refined Uranium Rod for the Reactors of Best univs in the world. Not less than 30-40% of the quality reasearch outputs in those universities are due to the alumni of IITs.

Not only we should know our weak points but it is much more important to recognize our strong points too. We are the most efficient, economical man-power generator in the world. We are not famous for the parameters considered by the university ranking body, rather we are famous for the quality and quantity of contribution our almuni have generated, be it in academia or in industry in US.

Hence I think there is no point crying whenever we don't come within top 100 univs in the world or take pride [occasionally] whenever comes within top 10 in the world. We are quite different form the average university in the world. Our system has got its own disadvantages and advantages as well. But what I consider most important is to understand why our ranking differs so widely across surveys.

We should rather imphasize on the strong points of us, with some due importance to improve in other weak areas too. I think this is the best strategy IIT can adopt to be one of the most recognized university in the world [Irrespective of the ranking of world univs]

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    30-40% by IIT Alumni Absolutely False Go and check your statics or if you are telling truth please show some official statics, don't befool people by these type of statements
  2. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    I think going by your experience you can certainly start writing a few collaborative books (wikis) - technical and non-technical around the IIT subjects. That would be a great service to aspiring students and others like me who just wish to learn a few things here and there from Indian IIT experts. Here is the link to one such wiki: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Main_Page
    I'm sure there are others too. Thanks.
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  4. Blogger Novacaine said:  

    Hmm, Interesting.

    But sadly, the level is going down....

  5. Anonymous Ved Swmainathan said:  

    Dear Author

    While I know this is a tech blog, I just felt I would write this note just to get some things off my chest, especially because I just read some bad news regarding a student in IIT Madras who ended his life.

    I am an IT professional in the US. PRetty average in everything, wasnt an IITian. I hear people going on and ranting about how IIT students are the smartest in the country. But this is just half true. IITians are the smarstest people in the WORLD. I know from the way they get treated here in the US. You probably would have heard this a million times. I just feel that students in IIT dont realize how important they are to the world and how they make such huge differences in the world in the long run.

    Being in IIT all people care about is their GPA and the 6.someones are just looked down upon. I say this because I have a roomate who was an 8.Someone at IIT povai and even he felt a discriminating vibe from fellow students. I guess what I am trying to say and I feel it doesnt get said often enough


    - hope you will pass on the message as a proud ALUMINI

  6. Anonymous Nand Kishor said:  

    Dear Author,

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  7. Blogger Ashwini Damani said:  

    FOR ALL THE IIT'ians
    read this sad bitter reality
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